Braveheart the Mouse

A small mouse with a big heart has something to say about the chemicals in the environment. People houses are filled with chemicals that make one sick, both mice and men. One does not have to buy rodent poison to kill mice in the house. There are enough chemicals leaching out of the building components to take care of that for you. The thing is, it also affects the people living in the house. From a mouse perspective, if nature did not design it, it was not meant to be. At least not for a mouse.

Global warming effects not only the polar bears but all of God’s creatures including people. We will all adapt in one way or another. One must know that for it to continue to be.

Nature’s household has been contaminated. It is possible to clean it up. This is no problem when the vision is held for what one wants. There is a process for the human mind that likes to imagine the worst and focus all one’s energy on that. The more you can imagine, the more you can find.

The images in the minds of people are quite scary and confusing. If this is indeed their present moment, then it is no wonder that there is such turmoil in one’s lives. This can be shifted. It is a very easy process. Focus on what is before you in the present moment. Listen to your intuition. Sometimes intuition guides you to freeze and do not move lest you be seen and eaten by the household cat. Sometimes intuition guides you to run, run, run and be quick about it so you don’t get captured with your life ending as you know it. What you don’t know is scary for sure.

Mostly life can be peaceful and joyful. This is a reminder to revel in the moments of living one’s life to its fullest in the moment. Following one’s heart while raising a family or storing food for the change in seasons.

There is a knowing that the cycle of the seasons will continue. Mice do not have to predict the future for what they do today sets the path for what is to come next. We listen to the urges that say store more food now. We do not worry that the winter will be hard and long. We take action now. When there is plenty, we store plenty. When there is not so much, we store what we can. The winter will be what it is. We prepare as best we can in the moment. Predominant thoughts are more being and taking action in the moment and less dwelling where one is not. There is not time spent weighing the probability of how long or hard the winter will be or not be. Take advantage of nature’s bounty in this moment.

It is not elephants who are so deathly afraid of mice. That is very funny really. Many people, though not all, are very afraid of mice. We are so small and yet so powerful, it seems. The next time you see a mouse, rather than scream and run away, or run out to buy rodent poison, stay and say hello.

Open your mind into your heart just a bit and you may be surprised in a different way.