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Caring for animals

The Blessing of a Life with Dogs

Border Collie

Alaska, Angel, Annie, Blackie, Bonnie, Brandon, Buddha, Bussy, Charlie Brown, Cymbie, Doc, Duke, Edward, Hank, Harley, Judy, Kimba, Lady, Lassie, Leia, Maggie, Max, Megan, Morgan, Patty, Pearl, Rex, Rita, Teddi, Tiffany, Toby, Tommy, Trixie, Tyler, Zarah, and Zeb. These are…

Caring for Animals Every Day

Caring for animals is a daily job. When we bring an animal into our lives we commit to taking care of them every day for the rest of their lives. The enjoyment we get from having animals in our lives far outweighs the daily care we give them.